We are cleaning out the cobwebs after moving and 35 years of business.  Lots of interesting items for sale. antiques house decor curios  Friday November 25th – noon till 8pm Saturday November 26th – 9-5pm hotbox studio @ Solid Woodwork Ltd. 3628 15A street se

From idea to a real object, at Solid Woodwork we have a tight loop between our design and manufacturing processes.  Utilizing solid form modelling ,everything from plans to manufacturing utilizes the same information.  This ensures your designs look like the finished creation. Furniture, Signs, Product displays, Replacement parts, you name it we can probably (re)produce […]

Solid Woodwork Ltd. has just finished our latest project the Dean House.   With a focus on maintaining the historic look and on reusing materials the decor is sure to please as is the food.  Combined with a great location and beautiful surroundings the Dean House will surely be a hot new food destination in […]

As part of the National Music Centre’s new collection we were tasked with creating the mannequins to display outfits worn by past and present Canadian Artists.  Starting off with some rough measurements and some computer models of humans we came up with 3 different sizes for male and female models.  After some technological trickery the […]

We’ve been creating hotel furniture for CRMR‘s properties for a while now.  Our latest batch is headed to the picturesque Emerald Lake Lodge.  Built to last out of solid Oak these room furnishings should give them more time to enjoy the surroundings.

We now have the permits submitted to the city and are getting ready to peel the old burnt skin back and lay the grounds for the new build. In keeping with the previous renovation the front part will now better integrate with the back.  We are going to be using Hay Bail construction again, technically […]